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Your Education

One of the critical needs of any business owner is a steady diet of educational material. The daily crunch of email, paperwork, accounting, employee issues, customer demands, orders, etc eats up so much of the time that by the end of the day you feel exhausted and well-used up. Even if you have absolute control of your time and you have systems in place to take care of things, do you still have time to educate yourself?

Jim Rohn once said, “Read a book a week for the rest of your life“. My immediate reaction to this was what a wonderful and great idea. No matter where you are in your life today, high school dropout or a multiple PhD, this advise is golden. In so many ways, reading a book a week can make a huge difference in your life.


A few of the benefits that we get from reading a book a week:

  1. Starting with the purely physiological, getting new information into your brain on a regular basis changes your brain. It grows all the association links in your brain and provides you with a lot of alternatives when any subject comes up. This association process increases your brain capacity and grows with time. It is like gymnastics for your brain.  An interesting thing about the brain is that it is plastic. What that means, is when you stimulate it with new information and steadily feed it, it will grow to accommodate that information. It will actually create new pathways that become permanent as long as you keep exercising them. The more you exercise them, the stronger they become.
  2. Reading a book a week will definitely make you a more well-rounded person. You will have a lot of ideas and have many topics as conversation starters. You can become the reference for many people on many different subjects.
  3. You can grow your knowledge about your business directly depending on the books that you read. Choosing books related to your business or even choosing books about business will allow you to find different growth avenues to make your business successful to a drastically different level.
  4. Experience is great. But so is finding out about things that will let you seek out new experiences. When we get to know about a subject, we tend to seek the experience of that information. This will cause us to actively go about getting the experience. This adds to our gut knowledge and builds our repertoire.
  5. Reading in the subjects of your interest will undoubtedly intersect with other subjects that you may tangentially like. You will find that you will gravitate to them eventually and open yourself up to new knowledge that you wouldn’t have sought earlier. That will go on as you open up more and more subjects. In a few months or a year, you will find yourself with a richer set of information and a new zest for acquiring knowledge and experiencing activities.
  6. Having knowledge, and especially expanding your knowledge constantly, will provide you with options. When you have options you are in a lot better psychological state when you are faced with any difficulties or problems. That is always a good thing to have in your life.
  7. Knowledge builds confidence. Confidence gives you energy and growth paths. Growing constantly keeps you younger, fresher and with a thriving sense of optimism. Great things to have at all times.

So there you have 7 benefits of reading a book a week. I am sure you can think of more. Let me know in the comments below what you think.

I know the next thing that will come up.  I don’t have time to read a book a week.  My next post will address that and provide you with some suggestions on how to overcome the time obstacle.

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