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Profile Tests

The assessments are the following

I would highly recommend for you taking the latter five assessments. They will provide you with a wealth of information for yourself.  I can offer you the following discounts. (no discounts on the Wealth Dynamics)

  • DISC with leadership and motivators for $169
  • DISC with leadership, motivators and learning styles for $199
  • DISC with leadership, motivators, learning styles and emotional intelligence for $249

You can click on the links to make payment via paypal. I will generate an email to you as soon as I get your payment with the links for the products. (It is not an automated response yet—working on my website to put it together in the next few days)

DISC Profile and Motivators – $149

Wealth Dynamics Profile – $97

Please email me at Tarek.Mourad@SoaringRevenues.com when you do it so I can respond immediately. 

Email Tarek.Mourad@SoaringRevenues.com for specials that may be running.