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Six Steps to A Profitable Business

An hour seminar that teaches the business owner reliable methods through the six steps of maturity that any small business needs to be nurtured through. It instructs the business owner on the four masteries that are essential for any business. It also reveals the critical business chassis that activates the acquisition of customers and increases revenue and profits. You will leave with a clear idea of our definition of a business is and how the Six Steps fulfills all the parts of that definition.

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A two-day seminar/workshop with hands on exercises to immediately put into effect in your business. Engage with other small business owners as we look at the first four of the Six Steps in more detail. You will have time to brainstorm different ideas to implement in your business. You will leave with a full understanding of the Business Chassis. Two inspiring and empowering days to gain insight into improving your business dramatically.

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A series of six 90-minute weekly seminars that address the main stumbling blocks for many small businesses. We address essential processes for running a profitable well mastered business such as: sales, team building, service, time, phone handling and finances. You will leave each seminar with several ideas that you can immediately put into effect for your particular business.

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This is a one-day quarterly workshop for businesses and their management team to plan and prepare their 90 plan for the next quarter. It is an assessment and planning workshop. Businesses have time to reflect over their results of the past quarter, network and exchange ideas with other businesses and plan the next quarter. Businesses that are in a one-to-one coaching relationship with coach will benefit greatly from the process as applied to their enterprise. Other businesses will gain insight on what to look for to grow their businesses.

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Enroll your business for three months of hands on coaching and get acquainted with empowering results that accelerate and transform your business. This program will deal with more details of the business chassis and how to improve the results for your business. An interview process before the coaching starts will allow the coach to add tailored content to address the needs of the businesses that are attending ActionCLUB. Build your referral network with other businesses that are attending. Up to two people can attend from each business.

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One-on-One Coaching

This is the top of the line coaching for your business. It is designed for businesses with 3 or more employees that have revenues of more than $500K. This coaching is tailored to your business. The coach will start off with an alignment assessment that takes into account the needs of your business. The assessment will define the coaching plan for your business. The coach will meet with the business owner on a weekly basis to both coach the owner and to bring in needed ideas to enhance the business. This coaching is the best for continuous improvement of the business on a long term basis.

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