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My Life!! What’s Next?! Introduction

This is a one-hour seminar that introduces you to the science of the mindset and the segments and compartments of the personality. It explains what constitutes goals and the definition of luck for a person that wants to achieve long term goals and build momentum in their lives.

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My Life!! What’s Next?!

This is a weekly follow-up series of eight 90-minute seminar/workshops that addresses fully the discovery of your person, understanding your mindset, making choices, enforcing habits, fully discovering and connecting with your goals and finally, building momentum in your life and fueling your dreams. Each of the eight workshops has assignments and activities associated with them to further reinforce your education and growth.

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Perception Transformation

This is a personal one-on-one consultation, usually over three sessions, to address personal issues directly. Whether it is inspiration to improve, removal or installation of a habit, resolving addictions or overcoming challenges many tools are available to tackle perceptions within ourselves.

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One-on-One Coaching

This is a weekly personal session specifically designed to empower a person to activate their goals and desires. This coaching is personally tailored to address your individual needs for success; whether it is starting a new venture, redefining your growth, obtaining new skills, or installing a long term ‘can-do’ attitude. The coach will support you with high intentionality and nurture you employing many tools and modalities to allow you to achieve your goals. This coaching is typically over three months or longer, depending on the need.

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