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Provided as part of the ActionCLUB and One-on-One Coaching to the business owners, these profile assessments are available for individuals or in bulk for small businesses. Most people rely on one assessment to determine their personality profile. Because of our multi dimensionality, we elected to provide a series of profile assessments to allow each individual to understand themselves to the best degree possible.

The assessments include behavioral, motivational, leadership, learning styles, emotional intelligence, conative and wealth profile.

Profile packs for the individual or family – Obtain the profiles here.

Profiles For Business Teams

This is a one or two-day booking at your office to run a set of these profiles for your team. This will need a half day from your team to attend a short seminar and explanation of the profiles. It will then be followed by the time needed to take the assessments. Generally, that is done within three hours. After the assessments are completed, the coach and his staff will meet one on one with each individual for an hour total to discuss the results and how to understand and use them. A summary report for the team will be provided to the management. One day is sufficient to meet with a team of up to ten people. A second day or portion thereof may be needed to discuss assessments for a larger team.

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