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Stress in review

Can we actually use stress in a positive way in our lives?

Is there another way we can view it so that it is not detrimental?

The idea that stress is bad for us, is true to a certain degree. And you have heard many people talk about positive stress. So how do we reconcile the two forms?  What is interesting is that the way we think about stress is the answer. If we think of it as detrimental and start noticing how things are difficult in our lives, it will have a negative effect on us. However, if we look at it that it is preparing us for a better response and moving forward, it has a completely different effect on us.

In the first reaction, our blood vessels constrict. In the second reaction our blood vessels are relaxed. And it all depends on how we think about stress.

The hormones released also help us.  You have probably heard of cortisol and adrenalin. Everyone has told you the negative effects of both being elevated for a long time. And it’s true. But did you know that oxytocin was also involved? Oxytocin is the hug hormone. Find out how in the video below.

You will also find out about the amygdala and the cingulette sections of the brain and how they affect you.

BTW, I mispronounced that as oxytonin[sic] in the video. You get the idea anyway. 🙂

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