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Stress Reviewed

Stress in review

Can we actually use stress in a positive way in our lives?

Is there another way we can view it so that it is not detrimental?

The idea that stress is bad for us, is true to a certain degree. And you have heard many people talk about positive stress. So how do we reconcile the two forms?  What is interesting is that the way we think about stress is the answer. If we think of it as detrimental and start noticing how things are difficult in our lives, it will have a negative effect on us. However, if we look at it that it is preparing us for a better response and moving forward, it has a completely different effect on us.

In the first reaction, our blood vessels constrict. In the second reaction our blood vessels are relaxed. And it all depends on how we think about stress.

The hormones released also help us.  You have probably heard of cortisol and adrenalin. Everyone has told you the negative effects of both being elevated for a long time. And it’s true. But did you know that oxytocin was also involved? Oxytocin is the hug hormone. Find out how in the video below.

You will also find out about the amygdala and the cingulette sections of the brain and how they affect you.

BTW, I mispronounced that as oxytonin[sic] in the video. You get the idea anyway. 🙂

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Ten Tips On Managing Stress

Tips to handle stress

Stress is something that hits and affects all of us. How we deal with it is important. Frequently it is an issue of mindset more than anything else. When you allow a negative mindset to settle in with the stress the outcome is not pleasant. There are ways to change that.

Here are ten tips to help us manage the stresses in our lives and for us to change that mindset of stress.

Practice these regularly and watch your stress become unnoticeable.

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Your Personality Profile(s)

The Value of Personality Profiles

Do you really know your personality? All aspects of it?

Do you really know yourself? Do you really know your motivations and drivers?
Do you know which part of the day is best for you to accomplish different tasks?

Are you a manager that is being promoted at your company?
Are you an employee applying for a new position?
Are you looking to improve your performance and communication skills at work?
Are you curious to find out about your emotional intelligence?
Are you sure of your learning style? and how you retrieve information?

All of this and more is revealed by your personality profiles. No single assessment will let you know everything about yourself.
Several assessments help us zero in on the different aspects of our personality and allow ourselves to understand who we are.


Click here to understand your strengths and know your self so you can find satisfaction in what you do.


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Who You Are NOT!

Do you know who you are? Do you know who you are not?
Which knowledge drives you every day? Is it the right driver?

To find out more about who you really are go here.

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On Strengths and Weaknesses

Do you get a lot of advise to work on your weaknesses and do your best to avoid them?
Do you forget about your strengths? Do you know your strengths?
Get a different point of view about yourself.

Do you really want to know about your strengths? You can right here.

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On Ease, Not Struggle

Do you find yourself constantly struggling with things and having a hard time?
What are you really seeking in the struggle?
Can you view it another way?

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The Being Formula

Join me on this video while I discuss the Being Formula below.

Before we can HAVE or DO anything, we have to BE.

In the video, I talk about what it takes to BE and how this formula works.



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